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The trademark characteristics of Laos chili paste are its intense sweet and spicy aromatic/herbal flavors (from the chilies, garlic, galangal, shallots, etc.). Depending on the cook’s preference, the intensity of the chili heat can be customized to suit, but Laos chili paste is typically remembered/famed for its appetizing spiciness. The spiciness seems to be perfectly enhanced/complimented by the sweetness – making you want to eat more. The taste of mild/neutral sticky rice and naturally sweet steamed veg such as Brassica balances the equation and mellows/tempers the heat/chili sensation well.

 ” Terrifically Flavorful…”

“Take a taste of the paste and is easy to see why: Kinna’s has the upfront flavor of many chile pastes, but with a good measure of sweetness and smoky subtly lost in so many “hot” sauces, recently Kinna’s made its paste event better by changing the recipes inclusion of sugar for certified organic evaporated cane juice. Something that taste really good just got healthier.

The next time you are keen for heat but want to try something different go local and reach out for Kinna’s Laos Chile Paste it is flavorful and spicy enough to make a New Mexican proud”

La Montañita Co-op, Albuquerque New Mexico

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